At Connsci, we understand that today’s cybersecurity landscape evolves daily and that any weaknesses in our client's information security programs can be exploited and may even severely jeopardize their reputation. We drive risk-based, mission conscious, decision-making through continuous transparency and comprehensive visibility into assets, risks, performance and the evolving threat landscape.  We iteratively and sustainably introduce innovation to enhance our customer’s security posture, reduce risk, reduce cost and improve performance to internal and external patterns. Our Cybersecurity team consists of former Government Executives, CIOs and CISOs that are complimented with highly skilled, certified IT security experts and engineers. Our leadership team has been in our client's seats and know the risk that are faced each day for mission-critical systems.


Connsci Cybersecurity Framework

Connsci has developed frameworks and best practices to enable a more secure future for our clients.  These frameworks coupled with our expertise allows our clients to make confident and informed decisions on where to invest resources to improve their organization’s risk posture. Connsci’s Cybersecurity framework consists of a Crawl, Walk, Run and Fly approach. It is a low-risk method to ensuring the continuous evolution of a Cybersecurity program and improves protections for data, infrastructure and staff throughout the process.

Crawl: baseline security operations, processes, system performance and the security posture of systems. From this baseline we begin to iterate and develop the backlog of either user requested or Connsci recommended innovations and changes.

Walk: ongoing efforts to innovate will be carried through to a meaningful production level implementation. This is a critical phase of program delivery where stakeholder buy-in begins to drive momentum behind an increased desire to innovate from across the end-user community.

Run: implement more robust security capabilities that contemplate the evolving nature of applications and architectures brought about by modernization efforts.

Fly: introduces robust new security architectures that dramatically enhance the Cybersecurity posture of systems. These initiatives look at the emerging trends in security and balance assessment of those trends against operational / procedural impacts that they might have on mission and operational requirements.


Our Cybersecurity Services include:

  • Cyber Advisory
  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Risk Management
  • Assessment & Authorization (A&A)
  • Vulnerability & Risk Assessments
  • Zero Trust
  • Data Governance & Protection
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

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